Monday, November 2, 2015

Some November Updates

Please note: There is no Torah Chanting class on the 5th on account of my being at the URJ Biennial.


There was some discussion on ‘to snack or not to snack,’ with some children coming home so sated that they were not hungry for dinner. The solution, keep snack simple.  A bag of chips, or pretzels, or popcorn should suffice for one class. We do not need multiple snacks, such as cheese, crackers, fruit and chips for each snack time.  Also, you do not need to send in drinks, we have a water fountain. If you want to send in fruit, please wash it in advance, and also make that the ONLY snack for the day. If you have a picky eater whom you know won’t eat anything, send him/her in with her/his own snack.  The sign up is at: and you must save your entry by clicking the save button on the top menu.

Tzedakah: Please send your child in each with either money or food which we donate to worthy causes
End time.  Please note that school ends at 6:15, regardless if there is an assembly, unless otherwise noted.  The only difference is that the students are in their classrooms rather than the sanctuary. Noted: Chanukah Party on Dec. 10th will have a 6:00 dismissal

This Friday at 5:30 is our popular Rock Shabbat.  I know some students need services hours so this is a great opportunity. 

We do not have school on Thanksgiving, Nov. 26

Looking ahead:  Start brushing off your favorite brisket recipe for the Great Brisket Bake-off on December 11th, and bring your menorahs for a congregational menorah lighting.

This Saturday is Tali BenDor’s first time leading our Tot Shabbat at 9:30, so those with young children please come out and support Tali. 

On Sunday, November 15th we have two events going on: 

for the little ones, there is Story Hour at 10:00

Also at 10 for the adults is the Global Day of Jewish Learning, you can read more about this in the upcoming weekly updates.

One last thing:

At Orientation this year we outlined the new, fun family education program this year: Jewish Game Night.  For those not in attendance, here’s the gist of it.

3 Holidays: Tu Bishvat, Purim, Passover

The Goal: Create a game on each holiday theme with other parents to be presented at each of the following Youth/Folk services
Feb. 5th (Tu Bishvat)
March 4th (Purim)
April 1st (Passover)

Your assignment: Select one of the holidays, sign up for it, attend the preliminary meeting, (Date TBD), and work on your ideas with the others in your group.

If you have not yet signed up, please sign up next time you’re in the building or email me which holiday you’d like (Tu Bishvat is looking a little needy).  If we don’t hear from you in the next two weeks, you’ll be assigned a holiday.