Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What is your child doing this summer? What about you?

Chances are pretty good that you'll be spending time in the car with a smart phone or on a computer.  While you have this 'downtime' take the time to learn something Jewish with Jewish Interactive Applications

  • Learn about Sukkot with the Sukkah Challenge.
  • jiConnect lets you see how Jews all over the world celebrate holidays and lets you learn their customs
  • Shabbat Interactive brings you into the magical, enticing and fun-driven realm of shabbat
  • Go on a Mitzvah Hunt in this interactive game, filled with music and animation that encourages children to look for the good in other people.
  • iThank You teaches children the importance of gratitude
  • JI Studio encourages children to let their imaginations run wild.

Start downloading and let me know how it's going.  Have a great summer!