Monday, September 15, 2014

Look What's Happening in School and Temple this Fall

It was so great to see everyone on our first day of school.  As always, there was so much excitement in the air as friends greeted old friends, made some new ones, and met the new teachers.

This is going to be a lengthy, newsy blog post so please take the time to read it when you have time.

Jade Walker - Grades 1-2
Zora Berman - Grade 3
Audrey Chafetz (J) & Judy Alexander (H) - Grade 4
Jon Polson - Grades 5-6
Dana Rachlin (J) & Bruce Chalmer (H) - Grade 7

Teacher bios are posted outside the classroom.  Additionally, all of you (except grade 1-2 parents) should have received an introductory letter from your child’s teacher(s).

New programs this year:
Jewish Scavenger Hunt.  Yesterday each student received a “Passport to the Jewish Year” filled with suggested Jewish activities whereby each child will earn a ‘point’ for each activity completed.  We will offer small rewards at the quarterly ceremony, as outlined in the passport.  A students completing 24 activities by the end of the year will get a grand prize.
Not on the list but talked about:  On October 5th Brotherhood needs help moving tables and chairs out of the classrooms for rug cleaning.  Your child can earn a point for doing this activity.  Please let Patty Greenfield know if you plan to participate.

Own a Holiday.  I will go into detail about this on Sunday, September 21.  You and your child should plan to attend this orientation session at 10 a.m. as it will affect the entire congregation.

Join the Rabbi:
Every Thursday from 4:15-5:15 Rabbi Glazier plans to have an informal gathering with parents and congregants who would like to drop in to ask questions and/or talk about current events in the Jewish/Israel world.

Oldies but goodies:
As in years past, you will need to sign up to bring snack several times a year.  The snack sign-up schedule is not yet up and won’t begin until October.  I’ll send out an email when it’s running.  Try to keep it simple and if you are sending in fruit, please wash it. 

Your child is encouraged to bring each week either money or a non-perishable food item for the food shelter

Hike for Hunger:
We’re teaming up with Hunger Free Vermont this year on September 27th to participate.  Register at:  For more details go to
and follow the links to Hike for Hunger 2014 or contact Patty Greenfield

Lots of them are coming up in short order.  Sept. 24th is Erev Rosh Hashanah
No school Oct. 9th due to Sukkot
Oct. 16 is Simchat Torah and we plan to hold services during school hours with a dinner to follow.  Plan to stay with your child for services for this holiday and also to Consecrate our new students and to give siddurim/prayer books to those in grades 4 and upwards who have not yet received their siddurim.

Chai School:
Begins Oct. 2nd.  Watch for registration.

Torah Chanting for 6th Grade students
Begins Oct. 23rd from 6:15-6:35

Adult Beginning Hebrew Reading Crash Course
Begins Oct. 23rd from 7:00-8:30

November 16th – Learning opportunity for the whole family

Tot Shabbat and Story Hour
Listed on the school calendar.  First Story Hour is on Sept. 21st.  Students in grades 5-7 are encouraged to sign up to help with both or either of these monthly events.

Youth Services:
Zora Berman, our Grade 3 & Music Teacher, will also lead these services.  Different students over the course of the year will be participating.  I will let you know in advance if your child is part of a given monthly service.  These 5:30 services are youth friendly and followed by a dinner, provided by our Brotherhood.  It’s a wonderful way to meet other parents and make Temple connections and I encourage you to come as often as possible.

Grade Services:
The following grades are leading the services on the following dates:
    Jan. 17th - grades 5, 6 & 7
    Jan. 31st - grade 4
    March 21st - grades 1, 2 & 3
Please plan to be at your child’s class service as this is considered a class session; you are also encouraged to attend other grade services that your child may not be in.  Since we are a one-day-a-week program, we try to have enrichment opportunities, such as services.  We do have a service attendance requirement -- all students should attend 8 services per year; students in the year preceding their B'nai Mitzvah should plan on attending 16 services, with four of those services being a Bar/Bat Mitzvah (either at this temple or another one).  When your child attends a service, please have him/her put the date in the black loose-leaf note book, which is either on the black table in the lobby or in its drawer.

Hebrew program for grades 1-6
As I mentioned at Orientation, the new Hebrew program/books we’re using this year have an online component called the Online Learning Center (OLC).  This component serves to supplement the Hebrew learning your child does in the classroom through games, activities and practice.  It can be accessed from any computer as long as you have a unique sign-in and password.  If your child does not have her/his own email, s/he can use yours.  However, if you have more than one child in the school, you will need a unique email for each child.  Parents should all have received the letter and permission form for you to sign up.  I cannot add your child to the OLC until I have your returned permission form so please get this back to be ASAP.  

In addition to the OLC, the Behrman House website, has other exercises anyone can use.  Another great/fun website for your child to practice and learn Hebrew is

I want you to know that all of us at Temple--me, Rabbi Glazier, Mark Leopold, Stacie Gabert, Patty Greenfield, and all the teachers and board members are here to see that you and your child have a successful year and become valued members of Temple.  If you have any questions or concerns, we’re here for you so please speak with one of us directly and if we cannot help, we can refer you to the proper party who can be of assistance.  This is YOUR temple, it is what you make of it.  We’re glad you’ve chosen to make us your ‘second’ Jewish home.

Best wishes for a Happy & Sweet New Year/Shanah Tovah u’Metookah,