Monday, June 3, 2013

What Does Temple Sinai Mean to Me?

On May 14th three of our Chai School students were Confirmed.  Rabbi Glazier asked each of the Confirmands to prepare a speech on the topic above.  Here is the second speech, from Andrew Levite 

First of all I would like to thank everyone for being here today to attend my confirmation, as well as Eli’s and Natan’s.

For my conformation speech, Rabbi Glazier asked me to talk about Temple Sinai, and how it has helped me through my life and what role it played in me being here today. He prompted me by asking what Temple Sinai has done for me. Now that I am here at the point of my confirmation, I can look back on my past experience here and reflect what this place has provided me with.

Temple Sinai has provided me with so much. I have learned basic Hebrew, have been taught several prayers, have attended many classes, and have grown to be a Jewish adult. Through the generous help of Rabbi Glazier, Morah Judy, and the several other teachers that I’ve been lucky enough to have, I’ve extended my Jewish studies past my Bar Mitzvah for another three years to my confirmation.

Earlier in my life, I attended a Sunday school here. I learned what it meant to be Jewish and a lot more about Judaism through Sunday school. Once a week during the school year I came here to learn more about my religion and what makes it so special. Eventually, I made my way to my Bar Mitzvah. And just over three years ago, I had it here at Temple Sinai.

Temple Sinai has become a symbol of Judaism for me over my life. This is the place where all major events relating to Judaism have taken place for me.  It is incredible the amount of support that has been provided to every kid who is starting out, or finishing their Jewish studies.